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Sew 'n' Sow Craft Group

Sew n Sow Craft Group

Do you enjoy crafting?  The Sew ‘n’ Sow group meet monthly for an afternoon of fellowship and creativity.  Bring along your knitting, embroidery, crocheting or other works in progress and chat while you work.  The group usually meets on the third Friday of the month; however, this month it will meeting on the second Friday, October 13th because of the fête the following week, from 1 to 3 pm.  This month’s meeting will be held at Dorothy Rookes’ home.


Planning for the fête!

Preparations for the annual fête on 21st October are underway. The stalls this year will be:
BBQ, Hot Potatoes, Devonshire Tea, Cakes and Jams, Books, Craft, Nearly New, Second-hand Jewellery, Lucky Dip, Chocolate Toss, Plants and Trash &Treasure.

A new stall this year will be Second Hand Craft Supplies such as wool, material, cottons, scrapbooking supplies etc.

We would welcome donations of items for all the stalls and we still need volunteers to help on the day and to clean up afterwards.

Please contact the office if you need to have items picked up.

The fête – Saturday 21 October

Grief and loss information session

A free community information session—“Grief and Loss: What helps and how do we cope”— will be held at Uniting AgeWell Manor Lakes, 15 Buffalo Crescent, Manor Lakes, tomorrow (Monday 2 October) at 2 pm.

The following session, “Palliative Care: What is it and how is it delivered?”, will be held on Monday 16 October, at 2 pm, and the final one is on Monday 20 November, “Residential Care: Considering residential care?  Tips and guidelines”.

All sessions start at 2 pm with afternoon tea provided, with a time for questions and networking after the session.

For more information and to book a seat, phone 9742 7201 or see Robyn Tomkins.

Wyndham Interfaith Network

Did you know that there is an Interfaith Network operating in our town?  Neil Tolliday is a member of the committee, and tells us that a “Places of Worship” tour will take place on Wednesday 25 October, commencing at Crossroads at 10 am (to be confirmed).  After Crossroads the tour will take in Wyndham Baptist Church on Derrimut Road and then the Virgin Mary Mosque on Hogans Road.  Lunch will be part of the tour.  If you are interested in joining the tour, you’ll need to speak to Neil Tolliday.

OSLO (Occasional Sunday Lunch Out)

On Sunday 22 October we will be going to Club Laverton, Aviation Road, Laverton.  They promote “experience the difference”, so let’s give it a go!  Senior meals are available, and everyone is welcome.  Contact Elaine or Lorna, so they can book the correct numbers, so please ring (or speak to them at church) by Thursday  19 October.



A reflection from the Rev. Allan Thompson

Allan Thompson addressed the recent Synod gathering which honoured those ministers who had achieved 50, 60, 65 and 70 years since their ordination, those who had retired, and those who had been ordained or received from other denominations since the last Synod meeting.  Some notable points he made were the following.

“In the years of ministry acknowledged in today’s service we have seen some big changes—not only the 1977 Union, but the advent of Congress, the concept of lay presidency of the sacraments, the emergence of presbytery ministers, a whole new understanding of lay ministry, the formation of groups within the UCA such as Uniting Network and the Assembly of Confessing Congregations, and the flourishing of congregations of specific ethnic groups.  Some have been welcomed, others regretted.  I also regret that we have settled into being a denomination rather than a movement, as envisaged by many of us in the 1970s and early 1980s.

But this is not a time to focus on the past, but on what lies ahead.  It is not a time for Christians to focus on regrets; rather it is a time for anticipation—anticipation of things new and different from our past experience.

To quote… the Basis of Union, our prayer is that ‘God will constantly correct that which is erroneous in the life of the Church.’  The task before us is to discern the renewal into which God calls us, the renewal for which we pray will not be one that takes us back to what we once were, but into an unknown future participating in new forms and expressions of Christian ministry.

A full copy of his speech is available on the Assembly website:

Today's Worship

9.30 am Holy Communion, led by Rev. Mike Lewis.

Following worship today

Please join us for morning tea in the foyer.  There will also be a meeting of the Fête Planners.

Activities this week

Tuesday, Living the Question at Bev Cox’s home.

Wednesday: UC Adult Fellowship 1 pm at the Church.  If you have one, please bring a special Spring flower to the meeting!  All welcome!

Next Sunday — 8 October

9.30 am Family worship, led by Rev. Mike Lewis.

5.30 pm Soul Food: share a simple meal, and using a variety of new resources, seek to deepen our discipleship in creative, challenging and fun ways.

Rosters for Next Week

Duty Elder: Phil Barnes

Morning Tea: Sandra Savory & Jan Bradley

Flowers: Salote Tupou

Reader: Wendy Barnes

Greeting: Julie Rees

AV Desk: Rob Bradley

Prayers: Rose Geilen

Piano: Gina Lee


Bible Readings next week: Exodus 20:1–4, 7­–9, 12–14; Philippians 3:4b–14; Matthew 21:33–46; Psalm 19.

Prayer Calendar this week: This week’s prayers are for the St Stephen’s Williamstown and Seddon Congregations.

Pastoral Contact

If you or someone you know might value some pastoral support, please contact Robyn Tomkins or Mike Lewis.

Housekeeping & Help

Chocolate Throw—help needed

Chocolate bars (100–200 gm size) are needed for the Chocolate Throw stall at the fête – please donate and leave at the office, or give them directly to Sandra S.

Plant stall—help needed

Volunteers to help with the Plant Stall are needed.  If you could assist for an hour or two, please let Carmel Woodward know as soon as possible so a roster can be worked out.  Many thanks.


Office hours are Monday–Friday 9.30 am–12 noon. 

Telephone 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.


Newsletter items by Wednesday morning, please ...